My main ambition is to lose ten kilos. I love potatoes and eat far too many.
Other than that, I just want to be a better musician. I still practise three hours a day. I want to be the chillest violinist : nk

what nigel says

Well, everyone, you knew that I would ask Nigel to write something for this resurrection of my defunct website, didn't you ?  And you also knew that he wouldn't, didn't you ? I hope you knew too that he is far too busy making something far, far more worthwhile: MUSIC. Heaven forbid that I derail his work   creating another Fallen Forest or Melody in the Wind !  What we'll have instead are clips from interviews he's given or videos where he talks to different people about his music and other interesting topics.

We'll start with what he said about the concert in Nice, which I went on about on the home page of this website. I'm beginning to develop a little PTSD about this concert. Even though I wasn't there ! Here's Nigel:

"I love the fact that this festival has classic aspects.........without being classical ! I'm happy to play my violin alongside this orchestra in a repertoire that is not classic in the strict sense. That fits my style perfectly. And to play in a city like Nice is just fantastic. Especially at this time of year, when there is more chance that the audience is made up of people from here. I hope that two or three hours of music will allow them to escape their normal lives completely..................and for the younger generation, well, it's hard for them to get interested in original music, because there may be two or three artists on the world stage at the moment, like Ed Sheeran or Adele .It's wonderful to be able to give them the opportunity to enjoy different kinds of music. And that's what I try to do."

Asked about his own mentors, Nigel said:

"Stéphane Grapelli was, along with Isaac Stern and Yehudi Menuhin (without whom I probably would not have studied classical music or opened my mind to so many styles) one of my mentors. I often played with Stéphane, a lovely man. Always smiling, when he played the violin, he was transfigured, he looked thirty years younger! I also like Jean-Luc Ponty, who was in the Mahavishnu Orchestra and played with Frank Zappa. He made the violin evolve into a rock and jazz instrument, not just a gipsy thing. And Richard Galliano, of course, who has such musical intelligence and with whom I would love to work again ..."
And that is the last word on this particular concert !    Promise !

In the following video, Nigel talks about his love of football and particularly of Aston Villa. No surprises, but if you're like me and haven't seen him for a while, you'll enjoy hearing the sound of his voice again: