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Nigel's official page can be found HERE.   If, for some reason, you should want to read a biography of Nigel, although I can't think why you would, you'll find one on his official page.  He also has a Facebook HERE.   Don't be fooled, however: Nigel himself has little to do with what is posted on this page. It does, however, contain a great deal of interesting information and comment about Nigel. If you are looking for an up- to -date discography, you should go to Wikipedia. Click HERE. You can also search for Nigel on Amazon and scroll through to find out what is still available.

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My thanks to Nigel, the Onlie Begetter.

 My thanks to all of you now reading this page,  without whom............ !


"To know who Nigel is, you have to listen to his playing – and look at his eyes while he's playing." ........Simon Rattle

I've been going to the Villa since I was eight. It's part of my life, it's like my blood. I can't take my blood out. And I don't need a transfusion : nk