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 Last night at 18.45 Nigel Kennedy walked into the Holstenhallen, greeting everyone in a friendly way - and his English bulldog Bully was with him !  Bully came to live with Nigel eight years ago. “ I also love Weimaraners,” said Nigel, “ they are so handsome. But they don’t have the nerve of a bulldog.” At 20h things got serious when the world star played at his concert, part of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

Bully closed his eyes and seemed to dream while his master played. 

Not a great pic, but you can see Bully in the bottom right corner.........once you know what you're looking for ! Bully is a lovely boy; for some reason he always licks my arm whenever I see him. I don't know why........but his rough tongue on my skin always feels strangely soothing ! 


The Detroit Symphony Orchestra post videos of some of their concerts so that those of us who couldn't be there can watch and pretend that we are !  This strikes me as one of the most civilized gestures they could make...........and Heaven knows we need all the civilized gestures we can find, don't we ?

      ​George Martin had so much influence on the Beatles' music that he was often called the fifth Beatle.​​​​​​



                                                        NIGEL WHEREVER WE FIND HIM

elsie does nigel kennedy

​​Click HERE  and ENJOY ! It's about an hour long and (trust me!) you don't have anything better to do !


George Martin was the long-time producer for the Beatles. Nigel plays his own arrangement of "She's Leaving Home."   It's so beautiful you'll feel like crying !