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Artist Dora Holzhandler’s set of four oil paintings of Nigel Kennedy, pictured, will be on show at the artist’s exhibition at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, Rutland, from 13 September to 5 October.

Inspired by the artist’s favourite piece, one for which Kennedy has become world-famous, Holzhandler has painted Kennedy ‘at work in all four seasons’.

Holzhandler first met Kennedy at a London exhibition in 2012 and offered to paint his portrait. The resulting work provided the cover for his Recital album of 2013, and was blown up to provide a backdrop for the accompanying tour.


In an Independent on Sunday profile of the pair last year, Kennedy said: ‘I was looking a bit morosely in the window of what used to be my local Oddbins in Belsize Village [in north London], as it was now an art gallery. The owner came out and said, “Are you that violinist? I have this painter I’m displaying who loves to hear you playing.”

‘So I walked in and was confronted by this amazing naive art: Dora’s use of colour was vivid and there was some of her Jewish culture in some of the pieces. I fell in love with the innocence of her work.

‘I’ve always loved hearing his playing on the radio,’ said Holzhandler, ‘the Four Seasons in particular. Yes, he’s an accomplished violinist, but there’s something extra there: I’ve always felt that he has played from the heart.


‘The day I finished the portrait, I went to his flat to show it to him and he seemed really pleased. I asked, “Would you play Four Seasons for me?” The moment felt nice, but it was only when I look back on it that I realize how extraordinary it was.’

You may well ask ! Read on:
Are your CAD designers like a rock band or an orchestra ?

In many orchestral pieces, the majority of the instruments play in unison as sub-groups (violins, wind etc.), whereas playing in unison is rare in the four-piece rock band. It’s far more usual in rock for each musician to make distinct, unique contribution.

“What about pop, country, folk, blues, jazz, hip hop and electronica?” the musically educated reader might ask. Well, any analogy can only stretch so far, and really this post is addressing working styles and preferences rather than claiming that there’s an equivalent type of CAD designer or company for every musical genre. Some readers may have discovered they are working with a unique talent who cannot be pigeon-holed; the CAD equivalent of Aphex Twin or Nigel Kennedy, whose compositions and performances raise the bar and inspire others around them. Others might reflect that CAD already has traditional rhythms and instruments that make some designers more like folkies, playing fiddle or bhoran in a real ale pub.
Any questions ?


More than 2,500 guests attended on Friday night in Elversberg to hear  Nigel Kennedy with his Jimi Hendrix show. A premiere for the new Ursapharm arena as an open-air stage. It was great. More please!

Music is music is music: Nigel Kennedy in a few words. Because Nigel Kennedy plays as he pleases, unconcerned as a child on his violin. And the way he wants it, defying any conventions. Good music does not require labels, under which it can be filtered as jazz, folk, rock, classical. Jimi Hendrix, to whom Kennedy dedicates his tour, means a lot to him. A soul mate.  Kennedy lifts the electric violin on his chin to play his improvisational flights over Hendrix's songs from 10, 20, 30 minutes on the go. Pizzicato-storms break from batteries over the stadium, echoing and superimposing sounds, feedback that Kennedy receives  and juggles with, thus quasi playing with himself as a companion. For Hendrix fans it’s like déjà entendu.

Nevertheless: nothing is ever contrived during the 58-year-old’s appearance. If he jumps across the stage like a goblin, prancing, laughing, it’s because he’s having the most fun in his concert. Whereby the more than 2,500 guests in the SVE Stadium also enjoy it ! He goads his quintet at times, to swirl even more. Especially guitarist Julian Buschberger, at 18 just outgrown the prodigy age (with his wonderful talent remaining), who responds magnificently. But the others-the second guitarist Douglas Boyle, Orphy Robinson (vibraphone and percussion), Tomasz Kupiec (bass) and drummer Adam Czerwinski, are bravura players also, who, like Kennedy,know no limits. Quite naturally, they change for a number of Stéphane Grappelli (alongside Yehudi Menuhin, one of Kennedy's teachers) into a veritable jazz combo.

Nigel Kennedy was already a tornado  when his "Four Seasons" album topped the classical charts. Okay: The mohawk is like the whole man, now gone a bit in width. However, the Indomitable Kennedy remains

Therefore one must sometimes bear in mind that Nigel Kennedy and the equally master violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter are the same  generation. But a Mutter that rocks the stage in a football shirt? Unthinkable. Both, however, are still there and they both capture their audiences, Mutter as an unapproachable heroine of classical halls, Kennedy as a genius freak. It is amazing what you can do with a violin………..everything!         (musikfestspiele-saar.de)

This is Orphy's pic of Nigel with Doug and Julian in Elversberg


Freelance journalist Steve Sowden, a former chief reporter of The Chard and Ilminster News, interviewed Charles Kennedy on a visit to the Yeovil constituency in the early 2000s to support new MP David Laws.

“I found Mr Kennedy a very likeable and approachable chap….but it wasn’t until the interview had finished and I was walking back to my office that I realized I’d been calling him Nigel throughout - as in Nigel Kennedy, the acclaimed violinist,” said Steve.

“I suddenly realized that Mr Kennedy hadn’t been smiling during our meeting because of him liking my questioning, but he was actually chuckling away to himself inside at my obvious faux pas.”




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